GIS Solutions from A to Z

Midland GIS Solutions provides comprehensive GIS design and implementation services. As a Silver Esri Business Partner, we lead the industry with a start to finish offering for clients both small and large. We partner with our clients to execute outstanding programs every day, unleashing the power of GIS.

GPS Field Data Collection

Midland GIS has dedicated field crews specializing in RTK survey and mapping grade GPS technology. Our experienced crews have GPS located more utility infrastructure than any other firm in the region. We offer not only a solid understanding of GPS, but the expertise to find your utility infrastructure including water, sanitary sewer, storm water, gas, and electric. Our work ethic and commitment to location investigation is second to none. This combination of experience is why we continually develop the very best data used to build outstanding mapping programs.

Inspection and Inventory Services

Accurate locations are crucial but the utility experts at Midland GIS understand that utility systems are more than just a dot on the map. Recording the characteristics, measurements, gear, types, size, presence of blockages or problems are just a few of the ways in which we go above and beyond. Midland GIS also provides Acoustic Blockage Inspection using the SL-RAT® technology. This non-invasive rapid assessment tool identifies where there are blockages and defects that need further investigation, which can significantly reduce expenses to your utility. Midland GIS is uniquely skilled in our ability to not only map, inspect, and inventory utilities, but to further combine all the data seamlessly in an easy to use format.

Asset Management

In an industry facing so many challenges from increased regulations to dealing with aging infrastructure, Midland GIS is committed and equipped to build your GIS data into a comprehensive system allowing for operational tracking and asset management. In addition to our own in-house tools, we have successfully integrated GIS data with countless third party software tools and data programs, as well as analysis data sets. Our exceptionally built data sets are regularly used on small and large scale engineering projects.

GIS Mapping and Data Development

It takes much more than an accurate GPS point to make an outstanding map. Our deep-rooted background in GIS disciplines and utility understanding, as well as our experience with cutting edge technology, enable Midland GIS to accurately map utility networks. We have developed custom tools and processes to ensure connectivity and data that can be used for endless workflows. With over 20 years of experience in Esri mapping technology, our GIS experts deliver the very best GIS data to each client.

Parcel Mapping and Maintenance

Our core philosophy towards cadastral mapping is to develop reliable, research-based GIS programs. Survey research is utilized for all critical base map data layers and provides a solid foundation for your GIS mapping program. Beyond data development, our experienced GIS staff provides routine maintenance for assessment offices all over the United States in an efficient, cost-effective manner. All work is done in-house from start to finish and we will not cut corners. This is why Midland GIS has set the standard for exceptional cadastral mapping.

Web and Mobile GIS

GIS programs are only as successful as the method used to maintain them and we believe every client should have a reliable, easy to use GIS. That is why we provide Integrity™, powered by Geocortex®, our web-based software solution to access, edit, maintain, and analyze your GIS data. Built on Esri technology, this intuitive program has built-in workflows to support daily operations and asset management. The best part, Integrity™ is easy to use and allows users to access their GIS data on any computer or mobile device, anytime, anywhere.


Next Generation 911 or NG911 is an Internet Protocol (IP) system that allows Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) to process digital information. Information such as text messages, video, pictures and telematics can be passed from the public to the PSAP and on to first responders. Midland GIS has assisted several E-911 jurisdictions with setting up and building their NG911 mapping components. Developing an accurate and reliable NG911 database can be a daunting task. Midland GIS has the experience and expertise to assist your organization with becoming NG911 compliant.


We understand that one size does not fit all. Our team of consulting professionals assess internal processes, audit current GIS data and software architecture. At Midland GIS, we focus our design on maximizing investment, correcting current problems, and developing a successful long term plan for implementation and management processes in your organization. Our consulting expertise includes; data analysis, system design, needs assessment, geodatabase design, GIS implementation and management process analysis.

Support and Training

Midland GIS works hard to provide many full-service options as listed above, but we recognize that none of it can successfully come together without exceptional support and training. Our reputation stands strong on the commitment we continually demonstrate in supporting our client’s GIS efforts. From remote and onsite training, to technical support and maintenance, our friendly professionals keep each client moving in the right direction.