Pratt, Kansas to Implement Electric GIS

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January 20, 2017
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March 9, 2017

February 22, 2017 –

Midland GIS Solution is excited to partner with the city of Pratt, Kansas to provide accurate GPS mapping and data collection for the city’s electric distribution network.  Midland’s experienced GIS field crews will GPS locate each distribution pole and structure, while recording the inventory of all gear and data, as well as photo documentation.  This information will be used to construct an accurate and connected electric network that not only visualizes the system but allows electric staff to access, edit, and query the information on a web-based program.

Management and field personnel for Pratt have recognized a need to migrate from outdated paper resources for mapping and inventory to a digital program that better supports their efforts in maintaining the system and responding to outages and emergencies.  Additionally, this program will assist the city in small and large scale improvement projects as well as future design and engineering needs.  The city of Pratt will soon have confidence in their distribution data, the ability to use it in daily operations and the unlimited access from any internet connected device internally or out in the field.

As a member of Kansas Municipal Utility’s KS-Map Mutual Aid program, Pratt will have vital information resources in the event of mutual aid and disaster recovery.  Back in 2008, Kirk Larson, Senior Vice President of Midland GIS, led the original design of the Kansas Mutual Aid GIS mapping standards when it was managed by Kansas Municipal Energy Agency.  Since that time, Midland GIS has designed and implemented countless electric GIS programs across the state of Kansas for use in daily operations and mutual aid.  With more electric GIS programs in Kansas than any other firm, the chances are high that visiting mutual aid personnel will have experience with Midland’s electric GIS mapping standards, thus having an immediate familiarity with the mapping program.  This can translate into reduced outage time, more efficient use of resources, and improved reporting for FEMA aid submissions.

Pratt, Kansas is located 80 miles east of Wichita in south central Kansas.  This city-owned electric utility serves a population of approximately 6,800.  For more information, contact Erin Allen at (660) 562-0050.