City of Perry, Iowa.
City of Perry, Iowa
September 29, 2016
Detroit Lakes Public Utility
Detroit Lakes Public Utilities
December 3, 2016
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City of Topeka, Kansas

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Project Goal:
GPS locate, inspect, and re-map the City's storm water system so that the City of Topeka could begin to separate their combined sanitary sewer and storm water features.

Midland GIS Solutions was selected based on qualifications to conduct a large-scale GPS collection and inspection project in the City’s three (3) largest drainage districts. Utilizing RTK (survey grade) GPS methods, Midland GIS located the City’s storm water system and collected attribute data for manholes, inlets, junctions, boxes and outfalls. GPS field staff also collected combined sewer utility features and provided various condition assessment ratings for the sewer manholes.

Midland’s technical staff created a utility geodatabase, integrated aerial photography and county GIS data, and also inserted new GIS data into Cityworks®, the City’s asset management system. Midland utilized a “Facility ID” to link back to the Cityworks® program upon completion of each storm water basin. Midland developed the workflow for this aspect of the project to ensure a smooth transition between using the existing data and the newly collected data in the work order program to ensure valuable historical records remained intact.

In 2015, Midland GIS Solutions was awarded a second contract to GPS locate and map storm water and sewer features in the remaining eight (8) drainage basins. Midland’s professional field staff accurately GPS located more than 22,000 storm water and sanitary sewer features for this project.

Utilities Located & Mapped:
Storm Water & Combines Sanitary Sewer

Mapping Project:
2014 - 2016