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September 25, 2019
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City of Topeka, Kansas
December 3, 2016
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City of Perry, Iowa

City of Perry, Iowa.

Project Goal:
Re-build the City’s unworkable GIS program with accurate infrastructure data and inspection information to establish a comprehensive utility management program.

Utilizing Real Time Kinematic (RTK), or survey grade GPS technology, Midland GIS Solutions accurately located utility features associated with the City’s sanitary sewer, water and storm water utility networks. This data would replace the data collected by a third party in 2006, which proved to be incomplete, inaccurate and ultimately unusable. Midland conducted comprehensive manhole inspections and collected attribute information for each utility feature.

GIS technicians created a utility geodatabase on the Esri platform and mapped all collected data in the GIS program. All networks were completely mapped, allowing the City to utilize this data for asset management and maintenance purposes, Capital Improvement Plans (CIP), and even for engineering projects. The City’s GIS data is centrally stored and accessible to authorized municipal personnel through Midland’s Integrity web-based and mobile platform. On this multi-user platform, the City can manage, edit and print their GIS data.

Utilities Located & Mapped:
Sanitary Sewer, Water & Storm Water

Mapping Project: