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December 3, 2016
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December 3, 2016
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Ottawa, Kansas

Ottawa, Kansas

Project Goal:
Overhaul the City’s in-house GIS program by creating a new, clean geodatabase and collect accurate GPS locations and attribute information on utility features to be integrated and mapped.

When the City of Ottawa, Kansas realized a need to revamp their utility GIS program, they selected Midland GIS Solutions to begin GPS locating and mapping their water system, along with meters, and also to implement and host an Integrity GIS website. Midland GIS developed a foundational geodatabase that would be able to house the City’s various utility networks on a centralized server allowing for future maintenance of the GIS data as well as asset management activities.

Midland completed the water network, and was then contracted to locate and map the sanitary and storm sewer systems, followed by the primary electric networks. Midland utilized survey grade (RTK) GPS technology (+/- 2 cm) to locate the water, storm sewer and sanitary sewer networks. Mapping grade techniques (+/-4 inch) were used in the field collection of the electric network. Today, the city manages all of their GIS information on the Integrity GIS website with mobile capabilities where they can easily view, analyze, edit, maintain and manage their GIS data.

Utilities Located & Mapped:
Sanitary Sewer, Storm Sewer, Water, & Electric

Mapping Project:
2013 - 2015