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Camden County, Missouri
December 3, 2016
Doniphan County, KS
Doniphan County, Kansas
December 3, 2016
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Cedar Falls, Iowa

Cedar Falls, Iowa

Project Goal:
Midland GIS Solutions was selected based on qualifications by the City of Cedar Falls to conduct a comprehensive GIS needs assessment of their existing data. Previously maintained in various formats by different departments, the City of Cedar Falls needed a detailed action plan to move forward with establishing a citywide GIS program.

The City of more than 40,500 residents did not have a centralized GIS program and much of the existing information that needed to be converted to GIS format consisted largely of hard copy maps, miscellaneous CAD files, and some existing GIS data layers. To begin the process, Midland GIS scheduled a series of meetings with City personnel and stakeholders to conduct an on-site review of current hardware and software being utilized by the City. Next, review of existing spatial data and inventory of all hard copy maps, existing GIS and tabular data, and CAD files was conducted by Midland’s GIS Specialists. Following the detailed data inventory process, Midland reviewed the City’s procedures for collecting and maintaining land-based information to better understand daily processes, workflows and different mechanisms to track work orders, maintenance procedures, and management of equipment and facilities. All of this information was reviewed and analyzed to better understand the most effective way to move forward with developing a comprehensive GIS program.

A final report was presented to and accepted by the City of Cedar Falls. Based on the recommendations included in the Needs Assessment report, the City made a decision to utilize a web-based and mobile solution to manage their GIS data and selected Midland GIS to develop an Integrity website. The City’s existing data has all been converted into an enterprise geodatabase so that authorized personnel can view, edit, manage, and maintain valuable geospatial and utility data in a centralized enterprise environment.

Mapping Project:
2015 - 2016