City of Perry, Iowa.
City of Perry, Iowa
September 29, 2016
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Bellevue, Nebraska

Project Goal:
To provide GIS services for the city of Bellevue's storm water infrastructure complete with asset management capabilities.

The City of Bellevue, Nebraska was in need of GIS services for their storm water infrastructure as well as inventory and inspection services. The job would have taken large amounts of staff time and administration didn’t want other duties to slip through the cracks. The City is Nebraska’s third-most populated in the state, and a southern suburb of Omaha. This project was critical for Bellevue to get a good grasp on the status of their infrastructure.

Midland GIS Solutions was selected to conduct GPS field data collection and inventory and inspection of Bellevue’s storm water network. From there, a geodatabase was developed for the utility infrastructure. The City of Bellevue’s infrastructure includes over 3,400 assets over the span of approximately 5,500 acres.

All of the utility features, with associated attributes, were mapped into the City’s GIS program and integrated into the IntegrityTM web-based and mobile GIS platform that is both developed and hosted by Midland GIS Solutions.

Today, Bellevue has the ability to access all of their GIS data using Midland’s secure web portal. The City can view, edit, manage and maintain all of their utility GIS data online and offline and even on their smart phone or tablet with the HTML5 capabilities that come with IntegrityTM.