Osage Community Advances GIS Program

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December 7, 2018
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December 7, 2018

August 30, 2018 –

Osage, Iowa is  located in Northeast Iowa with a population of approximately 3,500.  The city of Osage operates the communities sanitary sewer, water and storm water systems.  Osage Municipal Utilities, which is separate from the city, operates the municipal electric, gas and telecommunications systems.  While the city was reliant on paper mapping resources from previous engineering projects, Osage Municipal Utilities had an in place GIS program.  However, the municipal utility was not satisfied with the support from the previous provider and recognized the accuracy was not satisfactory on location and attribute information.

Based on qualifications, the city and municipal utility recently selected Midland GIS Solutions to build and improve the GIS systems for both utility groups.  Midland GIS field staff will provide accurate GPS data collection on the electric and integrate telecom and gas GIS data already available from the previous project.  Additionally, Midland GIS field staff will provide GPS data collection and inspection for the city’s sanitary sewer, storm water and water distribution system.  All GPS data will be properly mapped within the GIS environment, ensuring a clean network for the utility to work with.  Midland GIS will also integrate and map CCTV data for the sanitary sewer system and build a pavement management layer for public works.

Once all data is mapped and approved by the city and utility, a web-based GIS Asset Management program will be implemented for the Osage community.  This system will provide enterprise and mobile access for staff, but also control so each organization can protect the integrity of their information, while sharing with one another to better coordinate project that effect both groups.  Users can view, edit, maintain and record activities, track work orders and build reports within the program.

Osage joins the long list of progressive Iowa communities who recognize the need for accurate utility GIS programs to support utility operations, long term planning and economic development.  Midland GIS has developed, implemented and supported more successful GIS programs in the state of Iowa than any other firm.

For more information on Utility and Municipal GIS, please contact Chad Sparks at (515) 490-4228 or csparks@midlandgis.com.