Midland Develops Malden’s GIS

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December 7, 2018
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December 7, 2018

October 30, 2018 –

Back in June, the City of Malden, Missouri selected Midland GIS Solutions to develop and implement a city-wide utility GIS program.  The city is located in Southeast Missouri and had some GPS located data within their system, but with limited staff, the city administrator was interested in having a professional firm complete the development of GIS data.  The city staff recognized the value of complete accurate data for electric and sanitary sewer to better support their economic development and asset management efforts.

Midland GIS has deployed a team of dedicated GPS field technicians to the city to perform data collection and sanitary sewer inspections.  RTK survey-grade GPS will be utilized on the sanitary sewer system, while decimeter mapping grade GPS will be employed to collect electric points on both the primary and secondary infrastructure.  Manholes will be open, inspected and attribute during the GPS field data collection process and a comprehensive inventory and field verification on the electric equipment will be done.  Midland’s internal team of GIS development experts will ensure all data is drawn in clean, accurate manner ensuring long term success for the maintenance of the information.

Malden will join the countless communities in Missouri whose successful GIS and utility mapping programs have been developed, implemented and support by Midland GIS Solutions.

For more information on Utility and Municipal GIS, please contact Erin Allen at (660) 215-7091 or erin.allen@midlandgis.com.