Midland GIS is Authorized SL-RAT Service Contractor

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March 9, 2017
Charles City Sanitary Sewer Project
June 21, 2017

April 14, 2017 –

Midland GIS Solutions is pleased to announce that we are an authorized SL-RAT® Service Contractor for InfoSense, Inc. The SL-RAT, which stands for Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, was developed by InfoSense to provide an accurate acoustic blockage assessment of sanitary sewer lines. With this portable technology, Midland’s professional field crews can pinpoint blockages and pipe defects, providing our valued clients with a fast and affordable tool for sewer inspections. Inspection data obtained with the SL-Rat can reduce unnecessary maintenance and allows for more effective planning and budgeting for rehab work.

For more information on this technology, or to schedule a demo for your city, contact Erin Allen today at (660) 254-9960 or erin.allen@midlandgis.com.