Marshfield Implements Citywide GIS

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February 25, 2020
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April 6, 2020

March 16, 2020 –

Midland GIS Solutions has completed training this month with staff from the City of Marshfield, Missouri to implement a web-based GIS program. This Springfield-area community is located along Historic Route 66 and operates the sewer and water utilities for its approximately 7,400 citizens.

Prior to 2019, the Marshfield Public Works Department worked from outdated CAD and rolls of paper maps with handwritten notes. Department leadership was knowledgeable of the utility networks, but couldn’t devote the time or man power to GPS map every feature and centralize the valuable information in a digital format. Marshfield issued a Request for Qualifications for a GIS Master Agreement and awarded the contract to Midland GIS. It included the following:

  • Multi-year GIS development of utilities
  • GPS utility collection and inspection using survey-grade technology
  • Esri software programs and asset management tools

Midland GIS routinely provides services to municipalities under the Master Service Agreement option and has produced more accurate GIS data for cities in Missouri than any other firm. Work in the field began immediately to collect data on sanitary sewer and water distribution networks. In addition to mapping each feature, field staff performed a top-side inspection on all manholes to assist the city in regulatory compliance. City staff in the water department had well-kept notes that Midland GIS field crews were able to use in more efficiently drawing the water distribution system within GIS. Marshfield staff assisted field crews in accessing manholes that had not been open in decades, by clearing trees and uncovering buried manholes. The field collection process by Midland GIS provides centimeter-level accuracy for horizontal coordinates and vertical elevations alongside all attribute information. This data was built into IntegrityTM, a web-based GIS hosted by Midland GIS that ensures a secure and user-friendly interface in an enterprise environment.

“Marshfield’s city personnel were amazing to work with.  While assessing buried structures was a challenge in this community, the support from the city enabled our crews to move through the project efficiently.  We are excited to implement this accurate system to assist in their operations efforts.” Ethan Herbek, Project Manager. 

Marshfield Public Works has purchased a Trimble R2 unit that will assist in future GIS maintenance. Midland GIS integrated the Trimble R2 system through Esri Collector and customized the system in order to post directly to the city’s web-based program.

For more information on GIS Master Agreements Services, please contact Erin Allen at (660) 215-7091 or