Identifying Precinct Splits Made Easy with Integrity

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February 13, 2020
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March 16, 2020

February 18, 2020 –

With the election season drawing near, Midland GIS Solutions wants to remind any County Clerk or Elections office how easy it is to track registered voters and map voting precinct splits using Integrity. Developed and hosted by Midland GIS, Integrity is a web-based GIS application that allows any authorized personnel to view, edit, manage and maintain data in a centralized environment.

Because so many of these offices have no way to visually reference and verify the accuracy and correctness of jurisdiction boundaries in their county, Midland GIS has developed a way to integrate those boundaries with both GIS map and CAMA data into one application.

With the help of Midland GIS, county clerk offices will be able to map registered voters and polling locations, identify voters by precinct split boundaries and visualize voting precinct boundaries for accurate jurisdiction identification. Staff can even conduct custom queries utilizing all available data within the county’s GIS.

The building blocks of Integrity include the highest quality aerial photography available with all county parcel and CAMA data. Added layers in the GIS make it easy to visualize any jurisdiction boundaries, including:

  • City limits
  • School districts
  • Ambulance district
  • Commissioner district
  • Representative and senate districts
  • Wards
  • Townships 

For more information about the jurisdictional boundary application or any other features provided by Midland GIS, contact Matt Sorensen at (660) 215-7100 or