Harrison County to Improve 911 System

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December 7, 2018
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December 7, 2018

June 20, 2018–

Harrison County has selected Midland GIS Solutions to improve and enhance their 911 mapping system.  The current system is outdated and not conducive to the department’s needs and the county wanted to implement a new software program to work with their 911 data.  This project will greatly assist the county with the overall accuracy and consistency when assigning new 911 addresses and roads within the existing GIS mapping system.

The Harrison County seat is in Bethany, Missouri.  The county, which is located in Northwest Missouri is approximately 720 square miles and provides 911 services to more than X address.  Harrison County has long utilized the GIS development and support services from Midland GIS, so the current accurate GIS data will be a great resource in improving the 911 program which was first implemented many years ago prior to the GIS program.

The project will include the production of neighborhood, cell sector, hydrology, state and local boundary information, as well as integrating state data such as MoDOT mile marker information.  Midland GIS will provide full training and implementation to county staff on utilizing and maintaining the new 911 program.

Midland GIS Solutions provides county 911 development and support services to counties throughout the Midwest.  Headquartered in Maryville, Missouri, our firm continually strives to provide the very best programs built on Esri technology.

For more information on county GIS services, please contact Matt Sorensen at (660) 215-7100 or sorensen@midlandgis.com.