Fast and Affordable Sewer Assessment in Rogers, Minnesota

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October 13, 2017
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October 17, 2017

August 20, 2017 –

The City of Rogers, Minnesota recently selected Midland GIS Solutions to provide Acoustic Inspection services on gravity-fed sanitary sewer mains in the city’s collection system using the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT®).  The SL-RAT® is a patented technology by Infosense, Inc., and is endorsed by the EPA as an accepted assessment tool for sanitary sewer systems.

In the coming weeks, Midland GIS will deploy expert sanitary sewer field inspection crews onsite to perform the acoustic inspections.  Manholes will be opened and gravity mains tested with the SL-RAT®.  The testing will establish assessment ratings from 0-10 based on blockages and pipe defects that could be present in the line.  The resulting data will be tied to the City of Roger’s GIS program, allowing city staff to visually see the results and better prioritize and allocate resources only those lines that require further investigation, cleaning, or repairs.

SL-RAT® technology offers cities and utilities a fast, affordable solution to prioritize their sewer maintenance operations.  Acoustic inspection can be as much as 1/20th the cost of other assessment technologies.  This translates into cost savings for the city and helps minimize unnecessary cleaning and televising.  The resulting data promotes a shift towards better capital and operational budgeting, as well as avoidance of emergency repairs.

As an Infosense trained service provider, Midland GIS Solutions performs acoustic inspections for cities and utilities on sanitary sewer systems across the Midwest.  For more information on Sanitary Sewer Acoustic Testing using the SL-RAT®, please contact Chad Sparks at (515)490-4228 or