Bedford, Iowa Implements Integrity GIS Program

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December 7, 2018
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October 15, 2019

September, 28 2019 –

After years of working with Midland GIS Solutions for mapping utility network features, the city of Bedford, Iowa made the move to Integrity™ earlier this year.

Integrity™ is Midland’s web-based and mobile GIS asset management solution to edit, maintain and analyze GIS data for Bedford’s municipal-owned utility networks. The platform is full of built-in workflows and utility asset management tools that help increase department efficiencies, track maintenance activities and support regulatory compliance.

The City of Bedford had worked with Midland over a decade ago to obtain mapping-grade GPS points on some of their utilities. Earlier this year, Bedford began considering GIS program offerings as the Public Works department looked to move away from outdated hard maps into a solution that allowed staff to create and manage work orders and have real-time updates available both in office and out in the field Like many Midwest communities, the City of Bedford wanted GIS for assistance in establishing a proactive approach to their aging infrastructure challenges.  Additionally, with newer staff at the city, a centralized data store will benefit operations, where institutional knowledge might be presently missing.

The city was impressed with the integration of Taylor County’s GIS data to help their department with resident mailings for re-zoning requests, or if residents would be impacted with any infrastructure work.

Bedford joins the growing number of communities throughout the Midwest whose GIS and utility mapping programs have been developed, implemented and supported by Midland GIS Solutions.

For more information on how the power of Integrity™ and its custom tools can support your asset management efforts, please contact Midland’s Business Development Director, Erin Allen, at 660-215-7091 or