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When experience in GIS matters.

Located in Northwest Missouri, Midland GIS Solutions is the most experienced full-service GIS firm in the Midwest. We provide comprehensive GIS and GPS services to municipalities, counties, utility companies, state agencies, and many private sector organizations. Beginning in August 2020, Midland became part of the SAM Companies, one of the largest providers of geospatial data solutions and construction services in the U.S.

Equipped to offer a complete solution, Midland’s longstanding tradition of quality GIS services produces accurate and dependable GIS programs our clients can trust. You won’t find our programs collecting dust on a shelf or space on a hard drive. Every day our clients are putting these resources to work in the office and out in the field, to aid in daily operations and support more effective decision-making.

With unrivaled training and support, we continue to be an industry leader in developing effective, easy to use GIS programs. We are proud to provide the very best in GIS technology and program offerings to the clients we serve.


Matt Sorensen

Director of GIS Operations

Matt has more than 20 years of geospatial experience and has been involved with every aspect of the company since its inception in 2000.  Matt has been involved with managing county, municipal, utility, land management, GIS data maintenance projects, and web-based GIS program operations for the Company. Matt has played an essential part in the growth of the Company’s county and web-based GIS services.

Kirk Larson

Director of GIS Operations

Kirk has over 20 years of experience in GIS and Utility Operations. Since joining Midland GIS in 2005, Kirk has successfully expanded the Municipal and Utility Sector of the Company into the largest utility data collection provider in the Midwest. Kirk oversees GPS field inventory, system mapping, condition assessment, and asset management implementation for sanitary sewer, water, storm water, electric, and gas utilities.

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