Osage enhances utility asset management with GIS program

Winfield, Kansas Chooses Midland GIS for Sewer Condition Assessment
February 13, 2020

February 11, 2020 –

The City of Osage, Iowa and Osage Municipal Utilities has split responsibility with the community’s utility infrastructure with the local utility company, Osage Municipal Utilities. Osage MU oversees the gas, telecom and electric networks and the city is responsible for water distribution, sanitary sewer and storm water. Because the two work hand-in-hand on a number of other projects, both city and utility were interested in an all-in-one geodatabase to house the data for all utility networks.

Midland GIS Solutions was selected by the pair based on qualifications to provide utility GPS data collection and web-based GIS and Asset Management to both organizations on the utilities they manage. For the City of Osage, Midland GIS utilized sub-centimeter GPS technology to locate and map all features within the water, sewer and storm networks. Field technicians performed top-side inspections on the sewer and storm systems and collected attribute data for asset management capabilities to be built into the web-based GIS program Midland GIS built for the city and utility.  For Osage Municipalities Utilities, the crews at Midland GIS provided decimeter GPS data collection on the primary and secondary electric distribution network.  All features were mapping and corresponding gear and data on utility structures were collected and tied to the system.

In addition to the utility feature data collection, the web-based GIS built by Midland GIS allowed Osage to integrate CCTV data. The videos are a separate data layer connected to the corresponding sewer line segment.

For implementation, Midland provided  on-site training to utility and city staff, a standard from Midland GIS, to ensure all clients are ready to move forward with their program.

The City of Osage has a user-friendly GIS that is web-based and accessible from any computer or mobile device with separate logins for each staff member. City staff are able to utilize the tools within the GIS to view, edit and maintain all utility data and create reports for tasks like gravity mains, sewer asset counts, water mains, water asset counts and storm main. Utility workflows through the GIS include manhole inspections, gravity main maintenance, hydrant test flows and valve exercises. Department administration can even create work orders that can be edited and closed by department staff once the work order is completed.

For more information about how Midland GIS Solutions can assist your city or utility, contact Erin Allen, Business Development Director, at 660.215.7091 or erin.allen@midlandgis.com.