Midland GIS Grows to 200+ Hosted Sites and Counting

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December 7, 2018
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October 15, 2019
Midland GIS Solutions clients Midwest services
July 22, 2019 –

Midland GIS Solutions has hit some big marks over the last several months as the firm reaches its 19th year. The accomplishment is made possible thanks to dedicated staff, great clients and the company's continued mission to provide a web-based GIS solution for municipalities, utility companies, counties and private organizations.

The state-of-the-art technology at Midland has allowed the firm to exceed 200 hosted and supported sites across the Midwest. Along with these sites comes field staff dedicated to gathering the most accurate information in the field, and a knowledgeable professional staff with the ability to provide technical support to our clients. With the philosophy of “Everything GIS. Done Right.”, Midland makes it a standard to provide service and support long after the implementation of the GIS data and software solutions.

Midland has grown its clientele to include those in Nebraska, Illinois, South Dakota and Minnesota on top of existing clients in Missouri, Iowa and Kansas. Midland also has customers as far out as North Carolina, Virginia and Florida.

Municipal and Utility Company clients of Midland have grown to the 200+ threshold, and County clients surpassed 80 as of early 2019. More than that, over 51 percent of Midland’s annual budget for the last couple of years have come from repeat or referral clients.

Headquartered in Maryville, Missouri, Midland continually strives to provide the very best programs built on Esri technology, and deliver a field to finish GIS solution to clients that suites their needs. Being able to accomplish this in an industry that demands the best has helped Midland continue to grow and expand throughout the Midwest.

For more information about Midland GIS Solutions on the Municipal / Utility side contact Erin Allen at (660) 215-7091 or erin.allen@midlandgis.com. County clients can contact Matt Sorensen at (660) 215-7100 or sorensen@midlandgis.com.