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March 1, 2016
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April 1, 2016 –

At the Midwest Esri Utility Users’ Group annual conference in Mankato, Minnesota, Steven Hanson of Detroit Lakes Public Utilities and Ethan Herbek, GISP, and Project Manager for Midland GIS Solutions gave a presentation to Utility GIS personnel on the development and implementation of GIS for the city of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

The presentation focused on the history of mapping resources at the city of Detroit Lakes and how they have evolved over Steve’s tenure with the utility. As technology has changed and new projects and demands have been put upon the utility systems, the city recognized the need to develop a comprehensive GIS program that could be used in the daily operations of utility staff, as well as management for budgeting, capital improvements, and regulatory compliance. Additionally, the presentation discussed the challenges at the city level for implementing a GIS program and the changes in business operations that should be considered.

Midland GIS Solutions was selected through Qualifications Based Selections (QBS) to provide GPS data collection and inspection, as well as GIS development and program hosting for Detroit Lakes. Ethan Herbek with Midland GIS was the project manager on the project that began in the summer of 2015. Field staff from Midland GIS Solutions GPS located Electric, Water, and Sanitary Sewer infrastructure using a combination of mapping and survey grade technology. Additionally, each sanitary sewer manhole was open and inspected to further provide accurate data on the condition of the system. Once the mapping was finalized, an Esri Arc Server web-based GIS program was implemented. This allows staff to access, maintain, edit, and update their data from any computer or mobile device.

Detroit Lakes, Minnesota has a population of 8500 and is located 45 miles east of Fargo. For more information, contact Ethan Herbek at (660)562-0050.